August 17, 2021


"At that time there shall arise Michael,
the great prince, guardian of your
people; it shall be a time unsurpassed
in distress since the nation began
until that time..."

~ Daniel 12:1

Alarmingly, diabolic influence has now become widespread and even mainstream in our present era (just turn on the TV to see its prevalence).  In response, Christians everywhere can no longer stand idle - for the cause of our Holy Faith, as well as, for our own sakes and those we hold dear, we must now unite and take a more proactive and vigorous stance against the encroaching evil; spiritually arming ourselves and going on the offensive as militant Prayer Warriors against the forces of darkness.  It's urgent.

The Cohort of St. Michael the Archangel (or simply the “Cohort”) is a Hawaii-based prayer group dedicated to the mightiest of angels.  Under the guidance and support of priest-advisors, it was started in August 2021 with the specific purpose of spiritually combating the growing and blatant presence of the demonic in different segments of today's society.  This goal is pursued through the conscious offering of Prayer, Penance, and voluntary Sacrifices, as weapons against evil and also in reparation for the spiritual damage caused by fallen angels and their earthly followers.

Our motto - Stare Cum Sancti Michaelis (Latin for “Stand with St. Michael”) – expresses simply, and decisively, our shared commitment to side and fight with Heaven’s army in the ongoing spiritual battle between good and evil; under the leadership and protection of St. Michael, and alongside the Angelic Hosts.

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St. Michael the Archangel,
bless and protect us!